Ships maintenance and work at berth

We offer a wide range of marine services around the UK.

Dry dock work, On-board engine maintenance, Refurbishment of water pumps, Winch gear, Ships Valves and Flow Control with full installation and alignment experts part of our team you can be sure you wont be left high and dry next time you berth.

On-Board servicing and engine room refurbishment

Our on-board capability is the envy of our opposition, routine servicing and scheduled care plans tailored to suit your requirements ensure you wont be let down when in demand.  With A&E Woodward`s experts on your side, you can rest assured you are in safe hands!

Planned overhauls and periodic inspection

Minimise downtime by scheduling your next overhaul, why wait until your hand is forced? Our engineers can inspect engines, gearboxes and stern gear to provide a green, amber and red status for each component putting you in control of your maintenance bills.

It`s never too late!

Although our standard opening hours are 0800 until 1630 Monday to Thursday (1530 on a Friday).
Our systems take calls 24/7 and are diverted to our out of hours colleague who will be able to help you, just call 01482 329185.